Learning Management System + Gamification

Create a gamified front-end for a legacy Learning Management System.

VENZA ® mitigates data security vulnerabilities and ensures compliance for the hospitality industry.  Their proprietary learning management system and security "readiness" content is a central part of their program.  But the legacy LMS was hard to use for an increasingly mobile user-base, and the traditional learning model was not engaging for younger audiences.

Wanting to leverage the existing content and management features of the LMS, but provide a completely separate user-space for the new platform, we felt the best approach to achieve their goals was to build an API in the LMS to seamlessly pass the data to and front the new front-end.  The front-end application was built almost entirely with JavaScript and SVG for a fluid, touch-friendly user-experience.  A dynamic mountain SVG displayed user progress through each program, and a leader board encouraged learners to complete with one another.  While it was not a full progressive Web app (PWA), it could be added to their device and launched with a single tap.

Because the application needed to be used by non-technical users with no additional training, we needed to validate the user-stories.  We validated our prototypes with, which provided valuable feedback which informed our future decision making and refined the product.

After months of design and development, VENZA ® launched their platform to thousands of users around the county, giving them a distinct differentiator from their competition.