Hi, I'm Scott

I am a Senior Drupal Developer with more than 15 years experience in front-end and back-end development.


My Story

I started a boutique Web Design / Development agency in 2005, and specialized in the custom stuff, projects that businesses couldn't seem to find a developer who could deliver their vision. I've worked with many frameworks, from CakePHP to Magento, opensource and proprietary LMSes, even OSCommerce ( once upon a time ). After developing my own PHP framework, I discovered Drupal and never looked back. I even went so far as to create a WordPress plugin to make it just a bit more like Drupal.

As an active member of the Drupal community, I co-maintain Commerce Printful, contribute patches, help in the issue queues, and present at DrupalCamp ATL (2020, 2016). I enjoy helping others learn Drupal as well as expanding my own capabilities.

Building an agency taught me business skills beyond software development. I learned to build and manage a team ( at one time employing 2 devs, a designer, and a copywriter ), run profitable projects, and hone my communication skills, particularly with non-developer stakeholders. These skills could add a lot of value to your organization.

After 15 years operating Scott Sawyer Consulting, I am ready for a new challenge. I am seeking a Senior Drupal Developer position at a great company or organization. Ideally, it will be a place where my skills and experience can make a positive impact. I'd love to work with other professionals that share my passion for creating and collaborating. If that is you, please contact me. I am available immediately.

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My Resume


  • Rate Calculator — Developer

    April 2020 - PRESENT


    Created subscription WordPress plugin using Drupal 8 as the back-end API and subscription management system. Leverages OAuth2 and custom REST plugin for securing API communication with 3rd party services.

    • Custom Drupal modules and theme.
    • Drupal Commerce, Drupal Recurring Framework, custom Commerce Checkout process.
    • JSONAPI, Simple OAuth2, custom REST plugin.
  • The Travel Store — Developer

    August 2018 - PRESENT


    Created Drupal 8 based line of business platform to replace multiple inhouse applications. Custom modules for task tracking, calendaring, auditing, resource management.

    • Custom Drupal modules and theme.
    • Custom calendars, reporting and auditing tools.
    • Queue Worker, Layout plugins, Views plugins, custom Workflows.
  • Mulligan Disc Golf — Developer

    April 2019 - PRESENT


    Created Drupal Commerce drop-ship site that integrates with Printful. I developed the Drush commands for the Commerce Printful module and have contributed several patches since launch.

    • Custom Drupal modules and theme.
    • Contributed Drush 9 / 10 commands to Commerce Printful.
    • Drupal Commerce, Commerce Stripe
  • TrueGolfFit — Contract Developer

    April 2017 – PRESENT


    Created a golf club recommendation application using Drupal 8. Custom built data importer processes thousands of data points, performs statistical analysis on the data used in the proprietary recommendation engine.

    • Custom modules and theme.
    • Custom Drush commands, custom Drupal entities.
    • Marketing automation integration.
    • Dynamic SVGs, animations, video.


Southern Polytechnic State University — Marietta, Ga

B.S. Information Technology

May 2005


  • PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SASS
  • Drupal, WordPress
  • Front-end, Back-end, design and development
  • Custom modules, plugins and themes
  • Server technologies: NGINX, Apache, MySQL, Ubuntu

Open Source Projects

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