Rate Calculator

Rate Calculator

The best lead generation tool for Real Estate Attorneys

A subscription WordPress plugin with a Drupal 8 back-end that provides a unique lead generation tool for Real Estate Attorneys.  It's a niche product with broad potential for leveraging Drupal in unexpected, and profitable ways.  

Rate Calculator is the best lead generation tool for real estate attorney Websites.  It provides real-time closing cost estimates, giving attorneys the ability to capture visitor emails while reducing the number of phone calls their staff must field.  The front-end is a WordPress plugin the attorney installs on their site, the back-end and subscription management is run by a Drupal 8 site.  

The Drupal 8 site using Drupal Commerce Recurring Framework to manage the subscription.  When an attorney signs up, a Simple OAuth consumer is generated and the unique keys are presented to them.  Each plugin is authorized to be used by up to 3 domain names so it can be used for development and staging as well as the production website.

After signing up for the service, the attorney installs the WordPress plugin and connects to the service using Simple OAuth ( an optional installation service is offered ).  The plugin provides a shortcode, a widget, and a Gutenberg block that can be placed anywhere on their site.  Attorneys can customize the messaging, email template, and more so it works great with their brand and theme.  Credentials are secured using the excellent Defuse PHP Encryption library.

The Drupal 8 site serves as an endpoint and proxies requests from a 3rd party service, greatly simplifying the the SOAP requests and returning JSON.  When an end-user visits the attorney's Website and enters their information into the Rate Calculator, the request is anonymized before being sent to the Drupal site.  After the request is authenticated, it is passed to a custom endpoint so the subscription can be verified.  From there, the SOAP request is made to the third party service and response is sent back to the original WordPress site.  This all happens in a fraction of a second, providing the end-user a seamless experience.